Creativity & the experience

Capturing the essence of an experience is about noticing something in the world that nobody else does; something that is awe-inspiring; something that creates those moments of joy and wonder. Through photography I aim to bring these moments to life and represent them in a way that brings them to life for other people. 

Growing up in Newfoundland & Labrador exposed me to nature in a way that inspired me to create. It instilled a passion for the outdoors, adventure, and new experiences. When I graduated from University and decided to take some time to travel, I discovered what truly sets us apart: our incredibly unique culture and warm hospitality. 

visually Representing the uniqueness of this place.

Newfoundland is a place where creativity meets adventure. A place where people are connected to the land, to their culture, and to each other. It’s a place full of stories, authenticity, and spontaneity. And it’s as colourful as a patchwork quilt. 

I love creatively capturing the essence of what it is to experience this place, and the people who love to share these experiences with the world.